About Us

The Massachusetts Oath Keepers is the state chapter of the national organization Oath Keepers.

We are a self-sustained state chapter made up of current and former veterans, law enforcement, first responders and civilians alike. We are a non-partisan entity with the common goal to protect and preserve the Constitution, protect the Commonwealth, protect the Republic and spread good will among our fellow citizens. We are an all volunteer organization and have a deep love for our country and do our part to help protect and preserve it.

From veterans affairs and veteran events to protection of the Constitutional rights of the people to emergency and crisis response, the Massachusetts Oath Keepers can be found in many capacities doing a multitude of tasks and actions. From organization and logistics to transit and general help in many facets, we are ready and willing to assist for the greater good and to help spread our mission statement.

We follow two motto’s and collectively work to fulfill them and to improve goodwill in our communities and society as a whole.

The first motto we base our organization on is actually a moniker.  “Guardians of the Republic”. As Guardians of the Republic, we are tasked with assorted situations, events and functions and work as a team to help achieve success in our endeavors to assure the continued preservation of our Republic. With experienced members from many different walks of life and careers, we use every available resource to help accomplish this. We are allied with other like-minded organizations, entities and individuals to strive for continued success.

Our second motto is “Not On Our Watch”.  This is simple in the fact that we have a code to follow and it is based off the best contract to ever be written. the United States Constitution and we will not stray from this for progressive ideologies, political pressure and political correctness.

The Massachusetts Oath Keepers are growing and expanding our network of allies, associates and like-minded individuals and are always open for new members in many different capacities. For more information please see our recruitment section and please contact us with any inquiries, questions or comments.

Thank you fellow patriots, citizens and brothers and sisters for your time and consideration and remember, stay the course and be a good citizen and always strive for excellence. In doing that you are leaving your mark on this great nation and planet and we can honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our safety, freedoms and liberties by doing so. Godspeed fellow Americans.

Sincerely, the Massachusetts Oath Keepers.

Guardians of the Republic