Thank you for visiting the Massachusetts Oath Keepers recruitment page.

We are a volunteer organization as stated in the About Us section and our mission is simple. Protect and preserve the United States Constitution, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and our Republic.

To help achieve our mission we require a solid group of men and women from all walks of life. These men and women have assorted jobs and careers ranging from military combat veterans to law enforcement officers and first responders to civilian white collar and blue collar patriots. From people who use a rifle, to people who use a computer and even the tradesmen and women who use a hammer or a shovel, we are looking for your support. The one constant is the love of the United States Constitution as written by the founding framers, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and our Republic.

We welcome you to look into the Massachusetts chapter of the Oath Keepers and be a part of something special, something bigger than any one person. Once again, we are a volunteer organization and we understand people have personal lives to maintain and we do not mandate any particular duties or any time quota but we have a dedicated operations team which can analyze peoples particular situations and find a fit for the prospective members which can work with the organization. Be it a few days a month to a few hours a month, every bit helps and we are not only here for our mission but we support our fellow brothers and sisters on many levels.

We have several key events every year that we manage as well as outside organization events that we support in many capacities. Although we do put some time and effort into many of these events, we have a good time doing so and like anything, when you have your fellow members all working together, it goes smoothly and I will say this again, we really do have a good time and love what we do. As a Massachusetts Oath Keeper, you will meet many like-minded individuals from our region as well as people from all over the country, sometimes in person at assorted events and also through our social media network as well as our push-to-talk channels on the Zello application.

Many of the Massachusetts Oath Keepers are Ham radio license holders and communicate via their stations . We not only encourage our members to work on their Ham radio licenses, we actually have weekly study sessions through our Zello channels. In many emergency situations, Ham radio operators may be the only source of communications. We also use portable radios on assorted modes for communications on our events, functions and details. This is something that is important for us to function efficiently however, it isn’t a mandate as far as membership goes, it is just recommended and encouraged.

One final thought for our prospective members. We can sit idle and hope things work out or we can be a part of something special and see to it that things work out. We implore you to reach out to us and give the Commonwealth and the Republic your support. For veterans, law enforcement and first responders we have a motto. Honor your oath. For the civilians who love this country and want to do their part, come join us and take your oath. We can continue together and help spread goodwill as well as protecting and preserving the Constitution, the Commonwealth and the Republic.

We thank you for your consideration and we can be reached through our Contact Us section and by email at or feel free to reach out to one of our members at any events or functions that we participate in. We would love to meet you. Thank you once again for your consideration.

Sincerely, Massachusetts Oath Keepers.

Guardians of the Republic