Below you will find a list of our friends, businesses and supporters. We encourage you to check out these assorted links. We have a strong network of friends, businesses and supporters and we like to share them for the benefit of all parties and to promote goodwill. Thank you for browsing and sharing these links.

Restoring Veterans Honor is a grass roots organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation and replacement of veterans headstones, markers and monuments.


One of the Massachusetts Oath Keepers firearms safety and defensive training pages. Say hello to Joe Beressi at Defensive Lucidity.


The Massachusetts Oath Keepers is the state chapter for the Oath Keepers. Enjoy the national Oath Keepers page.


The Massachusetts American Patriot III% is a patriotic organization dear to our hearts. We are proud to support and work alongside the Massachusetts APIII%ers.


The Powderhorn Outfitters on Cape Cod.


Kulas Customs on Cape Cod.


Bourne Bridge Guns and Ammo on Cape Cod.



Guardians of the Republic